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Software Continuity Solutions Ltd. was set up by experienced IT consultants with many years of international project experience in virtually all areas of the software life cycle. We feel at home in big, heterogeneous and complex corporate IT environments.

"A corporate computer system is one of the most complex things
humans have ever built"

Edward F. Walton, computer science professor at Princeton Univerity,
quoted from a BusinessWeek issue in August 2003.

At your request, we will take overall charge so to speak when performing service contracts (Application Maintenance Services), to ensure that your software runs smoothly. We take a holistic view of this task, from planning and coordination with your management through to actual technical error analysis or specific monitoring, for example. We work wholeheartedly, smoothly and efficiently with your employees or other external project partners. Teams with members from around the world are already a feature of our everyday business.

Our aim is to ensure that your software runs smoothly, continuously and ‘unobtrusively’.

Some clients say, ‘But we never hear from you these days’.
That is what we call ‘successful project completion’.


About Us
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